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About Kiiran Care Trust

Established in 2017 by Kiran Shanker, Kiiran Care Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged children, families, and the elderly in India. Our mission is to provide education, healthcare, and essential services to those in need.

Empowering Lives, One Step at a Time. 

📚 Education:

Providing scholarships for underprivileged children, ensuring they continue their education journey.

🚑 Healthcare:

Offering emergency medical assistance to accident victims, ensuring prompt care.

⚙️ Skill Development:

Imparting vocational training to youth, fostering skill growth for employment.

🏠 Shelter & Support:

Extending help to orphaned and abandoned children through food, shelter, education, and care.

🌍 Disaster Relief:

Assisting victims of natural disasters, aiding recovery and resilience.

🙎🏻‍♀️Women Empowerment:
We are committed to empowering women through education, skill development, and self-reliance. We believe in nurturing strong, self-sufficient women who contribute positively to society.

Raising Awareness:
We champion the cause of the underprivileged through public education drives, advocacy efforts, and fundraising campaigns.

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Kiran Shankar

Empowering Lives: Kiiran Care Trust's Impactful Work

How It All Started. My journey started at a very young age of 10, when I discovered my gift of overwhelming compassion one evening on the way back from school in my hometown Lucknow, India An old lady was crying by the roadside. I started crying along with her. When asked, she replied her sons no longer wanted to shoulder her responsibility so cast her out. She had nowhere to go. So I brought her home with me. My father supported my gesture. She stayed with us a few days until we arranged a suitable accomodation for her. My spirit of service and compassion towards the needy old and children was encouraged by my father, who continues to be my role model.

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Our Mission:

Empowering Lives: Kiiran Care Trust's Impactful Work

At Kiiran Care Trust, we're changing lives and shaping futures through a range of initiatives:


Scholarships for Education: Each year, we extend scholarships to underprivileged children, granting them the chance to attend school and access quality education.

Emergency Medical Assistance: We provide critical medical aid to accident victims, offering a helping hand during their times of need.

Vocational Training for Youth: Our vocational skill training equips young individuals with job-ready skills, empowering them to support themselves and their families.

Nurturing Orphaned Children: We stand beside orphaned and abandoned children, ensuring they receive essentials like food, shelter, education, and the love they deserve.

Disaster Relief: In times of natural disasters, we swiftly respond to provide aid, comfort, and support to affected victims.

Kiiran Care Trust's impact resonates deeply within the lives of underprivileged children and families across India. If you share our passion, there are two impactful ways to contribute: donate online or volunteer your valuable time. Remember, every rupee counts and makes a difference.


Kiiran Care Trust believes in an equal right to learning, growth, and development, benefiting individuals and the nation.

We invite you to be part of our journey. Here's how you can get involved:

- Volunteer your time at our activities or events.

- Donate funds to support our transformative work.

- Raise awareness about the needs of underprivileged children and families.

Your support creates tangible change for those in need. Let's envision a world where every child reaches their full potential.


🤝 How You Can Make a Difference
🕰 Volunteer Your Time: Be a tutor or mentor to an underprivileged child.
💸 Donate: Fund our scholarships, medical care, and programs.
📢 Spread Awareness: Share our mission on social media, blogs, or events.
🎉 Organize Fundraisers: Gather support for Kiiran Care Trust.
🤝 Become a Sponsor: Offer financial support for a specific child or program.

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Meet the Team

At Kiiran Care Trust, we believe in equal rights to learning, growth, and development for everyone, benefiting both individuals and the nation. Our mission is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

 Benefits of Joining Us

By joining Kiiran Care Trust's journey,  you: Impact lives directly, making a positive change. Collaborate with a passionate team committed to change. Grow personally while creating a more compassionate world.


🙏 Together, Let's Transform Lives
To get involved, volunteer, donate, or support in any way, contact us. Thank you for joining us in creating positive change! Your compassion can transform lives!


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